Veteran Homeless Programs You Should Know About

Are you a landlord, housing developer, nonprofit organization, or simply a member of the public interested in offering housing opportunities to veterans? If so, there’s no reason to panic since you can always get through it without feeling the heat.

It allows narrows down to looking into the different VA programs available, after which you can choose the most effective one in helping you support veterans experiencing homelessness. Keep in mind the different programs available help serve different functions, with some supporting existing nonprofits and service providers, while others support landlords and property owners.

You want to emulate the famous LordLeRoyYoung, an active philanthropist who has contributions towards various veteran causes, and it is best done when you have clear insights into what is expected of you. Below are some of the common veteran homeless programs that can offer support to those who are ready and willing to help house homeless veterans.

Immediate Shelter- Health Care for Homeless Veterans (HCHV) Program

The HCHV program first served as a way to contract with providers for community-based residential treatment for homeless veterans. Nowadays, many HCHV program serve as a hub for a variety of housing and other services that offer VA with a perfect way to reach and assist homeless veterans by providing them entry to care.

It is worth noting that HCHV’s Contracted Residential Services (CRS) program provides funding to local VA Medical Centers, or VAMCs, which contract with community-based agencies to provide short-term residential treatment to veterans who are in urgent need of immediate housing placement.

Transitional Housing- Grant and Per Diem (GPD) Program

The Grant and per Diem (GPD) is one of the largest transitional housing programs for veterans experiencing homelessness. Tracing back to 1994, the GPD program has awarded grants to community-based organizations to offer transitional housing with supportive services to help vulnerable veterans with moving into permanent housing.

It is worth noting that community-based organizations receiving GPD grants offer transitional housing services through a wide range of housing models targeted to different populations and needs of veterans. Actually, this program plays an essential role in the continuum of homeless services by providing supportive services to those veterans who would otherwise be among the growing number of unsheltered homeless population.

The aim of GPD is to prepare veterans for permanent housing through the promotion of development and delivery of supportive housing and services and increasing their skills and/or income, and obtain greater self-determination.

The Bottom Line

If you are constantly inspired by LordLeRoyYoung, then you should consider joining in his quest to helping homeless veterans. You don’t have to push yourself to the limit since there are numerous things you can do to help look into the plight of homeless veterans.

To have an easy ride, be sure to start by looking into the different veteran homeless programs available. Equipped with this information, you will certainly have an easy time choosing the ideal veteran homeless programs that best fits your interests and needs.

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